Common Queries

What kind of products do you use?

We select brands that are organic and comfortable to put inside of each She Is box. Inside of each box there is a list of the product names consisted in the box. Contact us if you have any requests for brands or products you think would be a good fit, we'd love to hear from you!

What is your return policy?

As of right now we do not accept returns. However, we are willing to try our best to fix any issues or alterations needed. We also have a first time purchase option that is great if you are a first time member and are wanting to try it out. If at any point you do not want to continue with your subscription plan, we do allow anytime cancellations.

When will my box arrive?

We ship out all boxes at the same time, as long as you order your box before the 20th of the month your box will be shipped to you on the 25th of each month. This way you can expect your box to arrive either before or at the beginning of the following month, depending on where you live. We want you to receive your box at the same time each month that way you can be prepared and have your supplies ready when you start your period.



Rebekah Villamil

"Easy to navigate website, amazing customer service, love the fact it's organic cotton. It's so nice not to be caught without during that time of the month."

JoAnna Hand

"My daughter loved her box!!! It was so beautiful! She was so excited when she got it! She said the tampons and pads were the best ones she has used so far. She loves the goodies and told me she would, “LOVE to get this box every month!” so she doesn’t have to worry about constantly reminding me or worrying about not having what she needs when she needs it (I try to keep things stocked but one minute I think we have plenty or feel like I just bought tampons! Then next minute I like, “what happened to them all?!” We have gotten a box for 3 months now and she still smiles when it arrives! Yay no more worrying for me or her! Jazmine is so sweet and included sweet and thoughtful notes. FYI the packaging and boxes are amazing! And great quality. I am definitely going to continue our monthly subscription for my 15year old daughter. So happy someone thought about this! Thank you!!"